Ticked Bug Spray

Ticked Bug Spray

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The World`s Best Smelling Bug Spray that the whole family can use.  Potent ingredients in this formula are proven effective at repelling all sorts of bloodsuckers, especially Ticks, and mosquitoes. We promise this is not your DIY friend’s stinky bug spray.

Formulated for: Anyone venturing outdoors who doesn’t want nasty bites or ticks in their undies … Gardeners, Hikers, Boaters, Kids in the yard, Doggies on a walk, Golfers on the green, Fans in the stands, Athletes on the field, Families at the beach, Folks working in the woods, Little ones in strollers, Campfire Storytellers, Fishers off the pontoon, Moonlight Star Gazers 

Delightfully fresh, a little spicy, and slightly exotic. Man, Woman, and Beast all smell incredible when wearing this scent. Most importantly Blood Sucking Bugs Hate it.  Does NOT smell like citronella or the typical natural bug repellant. 

Size: 4 oz spray

Caution: It can be used on dogs, horses and kiddos, but again this stuff is potent and can burn if over applied; so use a little less and a bit of caution. Keep out of the eyes, and for the littles, try spraying clothing, shoes, hair and skin as needed.

Just gotta say it: “Even though the ingredients are food grade; Use topically, Do not ingest

Directions: Once outside, shake well and spray liberally over exposed skin, hair, clothing, etc. Avoid spraying directly into face. Reapply every 2 hours or as needed.

For littles: we recommend spraying blankets, strollers, clothing and hats, socks and shoes, and a gentle mist on the skin as needed.

Cautions: Allergic reactions are always a possibility for any plant. We recommend patch testing on a small area of skin prior to use. Consulting a medical professional anytime applying anything to children under 6 months old. 

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