Forget Me Not 3.4oz Lotion Candle

Forget Me Not 3.4oz Lotion Candle

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 Top: Pear - Middle: Lavender - Base: Sage

Presenting our Forget-Me-Not Botanical Candle – a tribute to timeless connections. Adorned with real forget-me-not flowers, this candle infuses your space with a soothing springtime aroma. The flickering flame dances alongside petals, casting a serene ambiance. As the wax melts, it unveils a luxurious lotion enriched with botanical extracts, enveloping you in tranquility. A heartfelt way to cherish memories or embrace self-care, the Forget-Me-Not Botanical Candle is a symbol of enduring love and cherished moments. Infused with lemon essential oil

Ingredients: Made with cosmetic-grade soy wax, rosehip oil, shea butter, coconut oil and grape seed oil. Our fragrances are infused with essential oils. Each candle is phthalates, sulfate and paraben free.