Moon Magic Lotion Candle

Moon Magic Lotion Candle

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These 4oz. candles are made with strictly essential oils to provide the purest aromas for your enjoyment.

Top: Clary Sage    Middle: Lemon    Bottom: Vetiver

Awaken your senses to the intoxicating blend of clary sage, weaving its aromatic spell of tranquility, while earthy vetiver grounds you in the whispers of the night. Infused with the bright zest of lemon, this candle sparkles with lunar brilliance, illuminating your space with a magical glow. Surrender to the captivating mystique of Moon Magic as it fills your surroundings with an aura of serenity and intrigue. Let its celestial harmony transport you to a realm where dreams and reality intertwine, and where every flicker of candlelight holds the promise of enchantment.