Sunshine Stick

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Fast, Serious Simple to use Sun Defense Stick. Our formula contains 25%+  of natural non-nano minerals. Zinc & titanium and oxides offers both broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.  Rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and botanical extracts nourish and protect and never pore clogging. Freshmade's magic skin tone formula easy blends in for flawless complextion on men, women, and children.

Formulated for: Anyone who wants sun defense that is not only non-toxic but doubles as hardcore skincare. Likes to do hard jobs while the sun is out, work summer construction, hit the beach, stroll during the day, watch baseball in the stands, play in the kiddie pool, grow tomatoes, or might fall asleep in the lawn chair

Light sparkling natural tropical fruit extracts

Size: .5 oz twist tube

Cautions: Allergic reactions are always a possibility for any plant. We recommend patch testing on a small area of skin prior to use. Consulting a medical professional anytime applying anything to children under 6 months old 

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